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by Lydia Pawelak /published in the magazine VIVRE

The Chinese phrase "Feng Shui" translates to "wind" and "water". Water is the most important Feng Shui remedy since it sustains all life: plant, animal and human.

In Feng Shui water symbolizes wealth, vitality and abundance. Moving water attracts beneficial cosmic chi, which in its turn attracts oxygen. In China, doctors advise patients who are weak or suffering from a terminal disease to live near a lake or waterfall -- to go to a powerful positive chi "source".

When the energy in a room feels stagnant, a little water fountain or aquarium will boost fresh chi energy. The sound of a gentle downwards trickling yin water fountain is more soothing, while the louder upwards splashing yang water fountain is more stimulating. An aquarium can be more yin or yang depending on the shape, colour and behaviour of the fish. Quick, brightly coloured fish speeding back and forth will create a more active yang energy, while the slow earth-tone coloured fish will promote a relaxing yin flow. Avoid placing an aquarium or fountain next to the toilet, however; the unhealthy chi of the toilet water will "pollute" the healthy chi given off by the aquarium or fountain, and contaminate the chi energy in the whole house.

In Feng Shui one of the 9 sectors in your home is represented by this essential element of water. This is the CAREER area -- not only your job, but your life journey. When we stimulate this sector with a water feature like the fountain or aquarium, it will encourage us to evolve in life, be more independant, find a good job, attract more business, be more creative and facilitate conception.

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