Feng Shui: Practical Tips - Lydia Pawelak


by Lydia Pawelak / published in the magazine LA MAISON DE 21E SI√ąCLE

- Water represents the flow of wealth and money; fish swimming in an aquarium or bowl is an excellent way to encourage prosperity when placed in any room except the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. If a fish dies, the belief is that it has absorbed negative energy that was destined for an occupant of the house. An odd number of fish is always recommended for a more dynamic energy flow.

- The toilet is said to flush away positive chi, and if the lid is left up, the remaining stagnant chi can re-circulate throughout the house. So keep the toilet lid down, even before flushing, and the keep the bathroom door closed. In Feng Shui, flushing the toilet is seen symbolically as flushing way wealth.

- Choose the subject matter of your artworks carefully. The art you display should lift your spirits, and in some way symbolize your hopes and what gives you joy. Artwork that is dark, gloomy, distressing and confusing will emit negative chi that will weaken the immune system.

- Do not keep dried flowers in your home; they create an excessive amount of negative yin energy. Symbolically, they represent death and decay. If you can not keep living plants, it is better to have attractive artificial plants that represent positive, vital yang energy.

- Microwaves leak electrical radiation, and in Feng Shui it upsets the chi energy of the food; this can lead to disturbances and disorientation for people who eat microwaved food regularly. Microwaves should be avoided when possible in favor of traditional cooking.

- Do not place the bedroom above a garage where dirty air accumulates; this causes health problems. If a door in the house gives direct access to the garage, it should be kept closed at all times to reduce the amount of car fumes going into the house. Minimize the possibility that fumes can leak in above or below the closed door.

- Do not keep mirrors in your bedroom: while sleeping, our body releases a part of our personal chi, as a natural nightly cleansing process. It is important that this energy not be reflected in a mirror because that will hinder the smooth departure of this chi and prevent your body from cleansing away the emotions of the day. If you must have a mirror in your bedroom, try to place it so that your reflection is not seen from your bed, or cover the mirror with a cloth at night.

- Do not position your bed so that your feet are pointing directly towards the door. In China, this is called the position of the dead; a deceased member of the family is traditionally placed this way before the funeral. It is an excellent yin position for a dead person, but not good for a living one. Kinesiology tests have demonstrated that in hospitals, the immune system of a person weakens when a patient in bed is wheeled from one room to another with his/her feet going through the door opening first.

- Don't sleep, work or relax under a beam.

- Good Feng Shui also shares some wisdom with the martial arts: some principles have their origin in protecting yourself from what comes from behind. Since ancient times, warriors and soldiers have always been strategically positioned, so that the enemy can never surprise them from the back. This principle also applies in good Feng Shui, though with a more positive application: position your desk so that you can see the door comfortably while seated. This way, you are never surprised or threatened by someone entering your space, and you are always prepared to greet them with positive energy. In business, this principle is used to enhance financial success, improve communication with clients and colleagues, stay ahead of competition, increase security, and ensure effective management.

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