Feng Shui Now, Abundance Always - Lydia Pawelak


by Lydia Pawelak / published in the magazine VIVRE

Wealth and abundance is a universal aspiration and has always played an important role in Feng Shui. The wealth sector in your home is directly linked to the prosperity and abundance in your life. One focusses on this particular area for financial improvement, cash flow and financial status.

Depending on which school of Feng Shui is applied, the wealth sector is either located in the South East area of your home, according to the Compass School, or, the Bagua School locates the wealth corner in the back left area, when you enter your home through the main entrance.

Before starting to create your wealth corner, a thought should occur towards creating space for the prosperity we want to acquire. A well-known Zen master said that we can't add fresh tea in a cup that is full, we have to empty it first. Examine your home and liberate yourself of the things that you don't need, and make space for new elements. This will encourage the flow of positive energy and prosperity.

- The wealth corner should be well lit and free of clutter

- Enliven the prosperity area with a healthy plant, the Chinese preferably put the "money" plant (crassula), the round thick leaves symbolyzing money.

- Fish are a universal symbol of prosperity, a small aquarium in this area will stimulate wealth energy

- A fountain also increases positive energy and placed in the wealth area it is a welcome element for creating abundance

- Round faceted crystals are very powerful in improving the circulation of positive energy, which can help increasing your financial income

Symbols have an impact on our mental state, which takes up a large part of our subconscious. Positive symbols have a positive impact and will hereby increase the chances of creating the path towards obtaining what they represent.

There are many traditional Chinese Feng Shui symbols for abundance, which can be used in the wealth corner, like 3 Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon, the Lo Shu Tortoise, Golden Ingots, Laughing Buddhaís... It is important that we like the look of prosperity area, using only a few of the mentioned techniques.

Focusing on the wealth sector is important, however, one should not neglect other areas and the flow of energy in your home in general:

- Leaks in your house or other plumbing problems can negatively affect your finances.

- The condition and quality of your stove influence the vital energy of your home. Food and money have always been linked, therefor the stove has an essential impact on your wealth.

- Keep your main entrance clearly visible and very welcoming

- Make your house number and mailbox visible; it is said that this reflects the homes identity and provides a more secure financial income.

- Putting a bowl with real or artificial fruit in the middle of your dining table has a positive impact on your prosperity, however, avoid a see-through glass top of the dining table, as this diminshes the stability of your financial income.

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