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by Lydia Pawelak / published in the magazine VIVRE

Place yourself with a mountain behind you and a river in front of you. You will be more productive and less tired at the end of office day. This principle also applies when you want to ask your employer for a raise. Having a mountain behind and a river in front, you will increase the chances that he/she will agree. We are not talking about being outdoors literally, but about applying those guidelines to your working environment.

Who would have thought that one day words like chi, energy and harmony would rhyme with productivity, promotion and success? Well, that day has come. Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art, is slowly but surely entering our modern lives, inviting us to combine the circulation of energy with the quality of life. It's the art of placement for living in harmony with our environment.

In ancient times, warriors were placed strategically so that the enemy couldn't surprise them with an attack from behind. This principle applies to modern Feng Shui: Position your desk so that you are placed with the mountain (i.e., a wall) behind you, and having the river flowing in front of you so can see the entrance comfortably while seated. This way, you are never surprised or put off guard by someone entering your space, and you are always prepared to greet them with positive energy. And as mentioned before, when the energy circulates better, you will be more productive and less tired at the end of the day.

So apply this rule when asking your boss for that raise; if I tell you that having a mountain behind you and a river in front will increase your chances of getting it, now you know what I mean...This tip isn't written in Chinese!

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