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It is designed to increase peak performance and uses proven techniques to make a company highly successful.

Here are just some of the concerns that you should address with a qualified Business Feng Shui consultant:

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- Where should your top company executives sit to enhance effective control and management?

- Which seating position secures an 80% chance of closing a deal/sale?

- Which techniques and principles should you use to design a company logo that will increase success?

- Where should you sit to enhance prospects for a promotion?

- What is the best seating position for a doctor/therapist to promote more effective treatments?

- What are the ideal office seating arrangements to ensure peak performance from all your employees?

- Which types of office furniture will enhance your company's success?

- Where in a store should you place the cash register?

- What are the auspicious sizes of a display window to attract more customers?

And also:

- Which symbols/logos in businesses and stores can inhibit success?

- Which main design/layout problems can cause your company to lose business/productivity?

- What are the common interior and exterior design issues that can inhibit your company's prospects of success?

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- Lydia Pawelak will conduct an interview with you, to clarify which areas of your business you want to enhance.

- She will then make a survey of your company: interior & exterior.

- Directions will be carefully measured, detailed notes will be taken; formulas & calculations will be applied.

- She will explain practical techniques, apply cures and enhancers to stimulate or suppress the Feng Shui of a particular sector as needed.

- Optionally, for business consultations, she will conclude the consultation by mailing you a full written report within 10 days of completing the survey.

METHODS USED: Nine Star Ki, Form School, Compass, Pa Kua , Yin Yang, Five Elements, Nine Life Aspirations , Eight Mansion Theory, Flying Star Method, 14 Water Placement Methods

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